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Who We Are

Lymrick is a Calgary Design Agency that creates experiences which market themselves through web, video, mobile apps, modern branding and automated follow-up. We focus on your customers’ whole experience by communicating your story, your values, your purpose, and your goals.

Our desire is to create an identity that your business is proud to share. You don’t want your brand to just look pretty, you want it to build your business. By designing a clean, modern and user-friendly foundation, we connect your story, your vision and your genius to your clients’ needs.

We don’t speak robot; we make sure you understand what we do. We know what it’s like to be the new kid on the block, because that’s where we started. We make sure to deal with the complex and overwhelming stuff so that you can be freed up to focus on what you do best: running your business!

Our offerings don’t just end with the finished product. We create a living experience for your brand. We create a presence that constantly reaches out and touches your ideal clients in a way that keeps you top of mind and keeps clients eagerly looking for your next communication.

Our Services


Every business has a specific personality. When your ideal client shows up, how do you want them to feel about your business. Are you fun-loving? Trustworthy? Spiritually in tune? Reliable? We help you create a brand that communicates that personality at the very first exposure so your client knows exactly who you are and what they can expect from working with you.

Web Design

Most first impressions of your business start at your website. We make sure it’s fresh, communicates the personality and character of your business (see “branding”), is easy to navigate, and is set up to be more than just a pretty face. All our websites have the SEO work built into them, and we can also have an on-going marketing campaign built right into it as well.


Search Engine Optimization is built into the very essence of every website we build and every campaign we run. There’s no point in spending money on a great online presence if no one can find you! We keep up to date on all white hat search engine tactics and build them into each and every website and marketing campaign we design.

Digital Marketing

Your perfect client may have found you through our SEO tactics, but they may not be ready to enter into a commitment when they do. We make sure you have a way of extending that first meeting into a relationship that educates, builds trust, and creates memorable experiences that sift through those initial connections so that the tire-kickers and misaligned connections walk away while the ideal, power client moves ever closer to that ultimate connection – the sale!


Marketing and design is all about the visual experience. Half-baked stock photography and low grade clip-art just isn’t going to do the trick. We will assist you in creating visual experiences that draw your clients in, create powerful emotions, and help them connect to you in ways that are far more visceral than simple black-on-white text.


Today’s clients are more and more drawn to creative, engaging video. They would much rather watch a two minute video clip than spend 15 minutes reading a document. Videos posted directly to Facebook increase engagement by over 60%. Not everyone has the skill, vision, or equipment to create these powerful marketing tools, so we’re here to translate your ideas and goals into engaging, memorable video that strengthens your brand and communicates your message.

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